Visit to Great Grandma Betty (stories from the occupation)

Summary of the story

Great Grandma Betty was a child during the Nazi occupation of Guernsey in the second world war.

During this time the Germans controlled the food and the locals had to give some of the food they grew or animals they looked after to them.

She recounts three stories about how the pouques helped to protect the humans.

The first involves a pouque rooster who helps the family secure fresh eggs each day.

The second is about when they searched the sea for ormers (sea snails) to eat and they fooled the German soldier into letting them have all the ormers that they found.

The third story she tells explains about how her family managed to keep some piglets when their sow gave birth.

The pouque rooster
The rooster persuaded the hens to lay eggs in the rabbit hutch
Fresh eggs each day
The pouque ormer
Great Grandma Betty looking for ormers as a child, at low tide
The pouque pig
The pig pooing in the back of the commandant's car

In Guernsey French:

The chicken is Le Poule

The ormer is L’Ormé

The pig is Le Pourché