The North Show

Summary of the story

The Robilliard family visit the North Show on Guernsey in the summer holidays. They have entered some food into the show, and they have made a flower float to enter into the Battle of the Flowers. The children enjoy the shelter skelter, watch the majorettes and generally enjoy what the show has to offer. They realise very quickly that P’tit Jean pouque is a donkey and causing a lot of mischief at the show. At the end of the story the little donkey eats the flowers on their float but comes up with a solution that allows them still to enter the competition.

Pouque donkey
Towing the float on the way to the show
Guernsey biscuits - they are actually a type of bread roll
Guernsey Gache with currants
Sammy's winning crocodile made from pineapple
The pouque donkey made an awful mess in the flower tent
The donkey stole some candy floss
Sammy and Jacob enjoyed looking over the show ground from the top of the helter skelter
The rude boy ended up in a cowpat
The pouque donkey helped the majorettes to win a prize
A prize winning Guernsey cow looked at the children
Oh dear! The donkey ate the float
A winning float in the Battle of the flowers

The Guernsey French for the donkey is L’├éne