Sammy and Jacob Robilliard

Sammy and Jacob live with their mother and father in a house on Rohais, not far from Waitrose. It is about 10 minutes walk down the hill into the main town, St Peter Port.

They attend a local Primary school and walk to school each morning together. Jacob is in Year 4 and Sammy is in Year 6.

They love living on Guernsey, so close to the beach, because they enjoy lots of outdoor adventures. Sammy is a real extrovert and a bit of a chatterbox. She is quite bossy with her younger brother.

Sammy and Jacob like to visit their great grandma Betty who was a small girl when the Nazis invaded in 1940. Betty lived with her grandparents during the occupation and has a tale to tell about how the pouques helped the population of Guernsey through this hard time.

Sammy and Jacob know the pouques very well and they can tell when the pouques are around and also recognise the green and orange animals that the pouques become. They have a good laugh at all the antics and sometimes they also tell the pouques off.