Pouque Tweets


9th May 2020

Dydh da

Thinking of you, 75 years of freedom.  Joan the Wad, Queen of the Cornish Piskies


Celebrating 75th Liberation day. P’tite Jeanne and Joan the Wad. Joan has her scone with jam on the bottom, P’tite Jeanne has her scone with jam on the top.


P’tite Jeanne takes a selfie at Ladies’


P’tit Jean makes rainbow on Lihou for the key workers


Clapping at Royal Court for the Key workers

Le Grand Colin and La Grande Mabelle, not to be outdone by the younger pouques, get their paintbrushes out at the 3rd Guernsey Scout’s barn in St Martin’s.


Although the Pouque Cam didn’t show any pouques, there was quite a lot of evidence to suggest that they had been there.


Good heavens P’tite Jeanne. The queues on Guernsey aren’t that long are they?