Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – Guernsey

Thursday St Peter Port

Postbox next to Town Church, St Peter Port
La Grande Mabelle decided to paint the town red at the OGH. She wondered who the important guest was?
Le P'tit Train rounds the corner at the weigh bridge waffle shop. The new jubilee flag is flying at flagpole.
The flowerbed on town roundabout
The High street with flags and bunting
21 Gun salute at Castle Cornet
All school children given a commemorative coin

Friday L’Islet

Jubilee Jamboree at L'Islet common Street party
Jubilee Jamboree at L'Islet Common stalls
Very keen royal supporter- flags put up for Liberation day too
Beacons across the Channel Islands (ITV news)


St Peters Jubilee tea party
Platinum Jubilee Fete at Government House
Platinum Jubilee Fete Government house