My Bubble

My bubble extends
as far as I can see
to the horizon around me. A misty, blue caterpillar island
streaked yellow around the edge
with a fluffy white cap,
dominates my distance interface
between sky and sea. Specks of boat
with an approving hum. Crickets and bees
provide a background ambiance. A red kite

I nestle in the grassy fern carpet.

The hot sun beats down.


No masks

No social distancing

No constant hand sanitiser

No restrictions

No virus

Life carries on as it always has done.

My bubble is a force field
keeping out the enemy.

One occupation is enough.

The Island of Sark has, to date, 2020, had no reported cases of COVID19. 

This year celebrates the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the island from Nazi occupation.