Liberation, Celebration – Guernsey 2022

The siren sounds to start the day

Of Celebration 9th May

The schools’ relay has just begun

As parishes organise family fun


The German second in command, General major Siegfried Heine, came aboard the HMS Bulldog at midnight on the 8th of May 1945 and went to the wardroom. Asked if he would accept unconditional surrender, he replied “Ja”.


Brass band plays, “God Save the Queen”

Stand to attention, young cadets seen.

Lieutenant governor inspects the parade,

Salutes and manoeuvres are dutifully made.


“And our dear Channel Islands are to be freed today. Long live the cause of freedom. God save the King.” W. Churchill 1945


Colourful flags, the bells ring out

The Wessex royals walk about

Remember the joy, freedom again

Remember the pain of fellow men


“The years of darkness and danger in which the children of our country have grown up are over, and, please God, for ever.” King George VI 1945


Cavalcade, old jeeps, dog tags,

Cheering crowds with Guernsey flags.

Military uniforms, khaki and blue,

Transport for soldiers from World War II.


“After nearly five years of German occupation, the people of your Bailiwick of Guernsey respectfully beg your majesty to accept their humble duty and their unshaken loyalty.” Lieutenant Governor 1945.


Jubilee prom, Chelsea guests,

Rule Britannia, it’s just the best.

Old favourite tunes, the audience sings,

The spirit of Sarnia community brings.


“So hats off for freedom and coats off for work. There is much to do in settling down to the new order of things in Sarnia Cherie.” Guernsey Evening Press 9 May 1945


D-day darlings sing to bring cheer,

Tea dances travel back through the years.

Castle Cornet, fireworks display,

Colourful end to a fabulous day.


“Chu meis nou célèbra lé jour dla Liberâtiaon, et coum nou di,  Let us remember, and celebrate!” Guernsey Patois.