Warro! is a short Guernsey French course for children. Download the book. Count 1-10.

These are the youtube vidoes to accompany Warro!

Hazel and Harry Tomlinson will take you through some Conversations in Guernsey French.

Here is a outdated BBC website to help learn Guernsey French

Guernsey Donkey website contains information about the language.

Guernsey Language commission have a good website.

Recommended books

Dictiounnaire Angllais-Guernesiais New Edition by Marie De Garis ISBN 978-1-86077-740-0. You can buy this from Lexicon in St PeterPort and at Guernsey museum in Candie.

Download a digital version of Guernsey folklore by Sir Edgar McCulloch. This book is out of print but you can find a copy in the Priaulx Library, Guernsey.

Folklore of Guernsey by Marie de Garis. You can buy this off Amazon or from Lexicon and Guernsey museum

A website retelling some of the Guernsey folklore stories from the Sir Edgar MCculloch book, Guernsey Folklore.

This site is good to learn about the heritage of Cornwall, where P’tite Jeanne goes to visit her aunty, Joan the Wad. They have their own Cornish language, which of course, Joan speaks.