Fairyfolk Island Games 2023


Athletics and field

Athletic activities at Footes Lane Stadium

  • Broomstick levitation (no additional power)
  • Broomstick Flying Marathon
  • Broomstick Speed flying
  • Electronic Broomstick endurance
  • Tri broomathon
  • Ghost 100m wall walk through dash
  • Pixies 100m sprint
  • Pixies 200m sprint
  • Pixies 400m team relay
  • High jump – three categories: shape shifters, giants and other
  • Long jump – two categories: shape shifters and other. ( No giants are able to do this event as the island is not long enough)
Guernsey Gill


Pool activities at La Valette Pool

  • Synchronised acrobatics
  • Aquatic diving (cetaceans only)
  • Swimming – fish
  • Swimming – cetaceans
  • Swimming  – cephalopod
  • Swimming relay – one fish, one cetacean and one cephalopod
Donkey Derby at Saumarez park
Pouque dolphin

Indoor events

These will take place at Beau Sejour

  1. Rhythmic Broomtastics
  2. Speed climbing (body must touch wall at all times). This will take place on the outside wall. No holds will be available.  No flying allowed. No anti gravity spells allowed.
  3. Team Gymnastics
P'tite Jeanne

Outdoor events

1. Speed tower climbing relay
This course will take place around Guernsey and involve Victoria Tower, Town church belfry, the fire station tower and the new hotel at Admiral park. No flying allowed. There are two categories, shapeshifters and others.
2. Steeplechase.
This event will involve racing between chosen statues and menhirs around the island. The fairy folk are required to be visible at all times.

La Gran’mère du Chimquière

Team Games

1. Giant’s Hockey

  • the water pitch will be the sea area between Guernsey and Jersey. Little Roussel channel will be one goal area and St Ouen’s bay is the other goal. There will be a shipping exclusion zone set up for these matches which are 5 a side.


2. Quidditch

  • 5 a side. This will take place in King’s playing fields


3. Beach Volleyball

  • This will take place at Cobo beach. 
Olentzero, the Basque giant


  1. The highest level of magic that can be used for any category is level 5. All winners will be tested and disqualified if more powerful magic residues are detected.
  2. There are no specific gender categories – fairy folk women are just as good as fairy folk men and can compete on equal terms. All fairy folk without gender are welcome to compete.
  3. All competition is to take place in Guernsey at the time stated and no time machines or portals are allowed to be used. A strong force field will be surrounding the games which will keep all folk in the same place at the same time.
  4. For all tricksters and naughty fairy folk, no cheating is allowed.
  5. These fairy folk games are inclusive and any fairy folk with accessibility needs are welcome to compete but will need to identify requirements beforehand.
  6. All events will take place at night when the humans have finished with the venues.
  7. Accommodation will be provided in bunkers across the island. Le Petit train will be sprinkled with fairy dust and be available for transporting athletes between venues. No giants will be allowed on the train. All shape shifters must be in their normal state for transportation.


We still need spirit volunteers to help with the games. Deadline for applications is 5 September.

You will be required to undergo screening. Any evil genies will not be allowed to help as these are the friendly games.


Thank you – we now have enough volunteers. You will see them flying and walking around in their bright green t-shirts.