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Guernsey Gwen

Guernsey Gwen is the sister of the witch Guernsey Gill and she has videoed stories about the pouques. Click the image.

Protector Pouques
Nano occupation of the Crown Virus 2020

The cubs have also drawn pictures to illustrate the story. These can be found on the Guernsey Gwen page. They are going to be included in the new Guernsey Gwen video for this story.


Peter Rabbit and Squirrel Nutkin

P’tit Jean would love to meet this mischievous bunny.



La Barbélotte et L’Âne (The Puffin and the Donkey)




The Wombles visit Guernsey

The Pouques would love to meet those tidy Wombles.








The Pisky who lost his laugh

Read a complete version of the story retold by Donald R. Rawe, that the story teller told in the Eden project in the Pisky and the Pouque. The pisky who lost his laugh.

Picture from Donald Rawe’s book ” Traditional Cornish Stories and Rhymes”

There are many versions of the traditional tale about The pisky who lost his laugh.