Summary of the story

The Robilliard family go to Alderney during the summer holidays. P’tit Jean pouque goes with them. The children enjoy the beach, the train, cycle rides and exploring Alderney, with of course hinderance form the pouques. The pouques meanwhile destroy the old Victorian breakwater, which protects the harbour, during a storm. They do, however come up with an unusual solution to mending it.

Pouque puffin
The little boat sailed past the island of Burhou on the way to Alderney
The puffins filled the boats with water
The harbourmaster set off in his boat to investigate the commotion
An older pouque told the younger pouques off for nearly sinking the boats when they went back to Bibette Head
The children made a sand mermaid on Braye Beach
They all went for a ride on the Alderney train
Blonde hedgehog
The anti tank wall at Longis beach
Lest we forget at the Alderney war memorial
The puffins destroyed the breakwater in the storm
The next day, the breakwater was badly damaged
They watched the pouques turn into rocks whilst the engineers looked
The breakwater now mended
Time to fly home

In Guernsey French a puffin is La Barbélotte