80th Anniversary of the Evacuation – Poems

Remembering the 80th Anniversary of the Evacuation June 1940-2020

Extracts from the diary of Miss Ellershaw who was the head teacher that was evacuated with the school and kept them going for 5 years up in Denbigh, Derbyshire, UK.

Miss Ellershaw’s Diary


The Ladies’ College, Melrose girls read poems about evacuation



Cubs read out their poems about evacuation. They learnt how the children who went were their age and many of them were separated from their mums and dads.



Adults read their poems about evacuation:


Lucy Symons interviews her grandpa



Poems from the competition remembering the evacuation 80 years ago

Poems to remember 80th


Evacuees Christmas Spirit celebrating Christmas without parents in the UK

Evacuees Christmas Spirit



Lots more articles from the people of the Bailiwick about the evacuation can be found here: